Today was Little Winter’s due date… also Valentine’s Day! I had plans to dress the girls up in pink and red. Paisley even had a new pair of Lularoe leggings that I was dying to put on her chunky bum. We were going to watch the Valentine episode of Elmo and craft Valentine cards for family members. I had the ingredients set aside to bake my loving hubby chocolate lava cookies (a Red Lobster copycat recipe) and his favorite bottle of Moscato Di Asti was going to greet him at the door when he got home from work.

Little did we know…

Hubby and I would both spend our day covered in Paisley’s vomit, taking turns stripping and sanitizing to run into the bedroom where we kept our newborn Winter barricaded. After hours of non-stop puking and crying and her embarrassed “uh-oh’s” (the sickest I had ever seen my baby) we then got to take a lovely trip to the doctor’s to draw blood and check for dehydration. She was finally able to fall asleep on the way home from the hospital around 4:30pm and has been out ever since. I was able to sit down and eat for the first time today around 6:30pm and started to feel nauseous mid-meal while simultaneously my hubby yells for me from the bedroom. Him too. It’s only a matter of time before we are ALL down for the count. God help us.

THIS TOO SHALL PASS…….. right?!?!?


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