Smiles vs Splash

Yesterday was such a beautiful day

My daughters and I have been quarantined in our home for the last month or so. I’m a born-again new mom and I’m trying to re-figure it all out. You know, the schedule: the feedings, the naps, finding time to cook, clean, do the laundry, shower, use the bathroom, breathe… the overall adjustment to having a new little family member. I was starting to feel like a real crappy mom keeping us all cooped up inside. We were getting stir crazy.

I woke up in a half dressed bed, 3 days post shower, covered in baby puke, inside of a home that looked like a bomb went off… and then a tornado came through to toss it up a just a little bit more. Had I cleaned the entire day before? Of course I did but you’d never know it! I immediately felt discouraged until I took a trip out to the mailbox. It was incredibly nice out. The sun was actually warm on my skin. The fresh air carried hope and promise that Spring was on her way!

Screw it.

I grabbed the kids and hurried them outside. Paisley spotted the puddles immediately and I told her to go for it. She made her way over to the water in the cutest, unbalanced, goofy way in her big purple boots. All we did was wander around feeling the sun and we couldn’t stop smiling. Even baby Winter was smiling when the sun brushed her face. It’s amazing how a little fresh air can affect your mood.

Yes, Miss Paisley took a tumble into the puddle. Does it make me a bad mom if I was laughing uncontrollably? Either way, these pictures are golden. She may not have been laughing as she sat in the cold puddle.. but she will some day when we look back at these together.

xxoo Kate

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