Doorstep Delivery


I decided to try to get some meals shipped to our home and no, not because I am lazy! 1. It’s hard to corral the kids up for shopping and there’s no room to put groceries with both of my kids in the cart and 2. Because I am really not a good cook. I can follow a recipe, don’t get me wrong but I really struggle to come up with new, exciting things to make. For those reasons, I am going to be trying out a few different companies and let you know what I think!

Yesterday we received our first delivery from HomeChef. We got 3 meals for two people for the week because my dear toddler has decided that she likes Annie’s mac n cheese, fruit, crackers… and that’s it. So hubby and I were going to be the judges. You get to select from a menu every week and for us, day one was Barramundi Beurre Blanc (a type of Asian fish) with parsnip, potato and Swiss chard hash. Slightly intimidated by a name I couldn’t pronounce and food I’ve never tried, I was ready to give it my all.

Each meal comes bagged separately in a big box. Everything was still very cold from a supple amount of ice packs and insulation. Each individual meal was labeled very well. Their company even gives you a big recipe card pre-hole punched to put in a binder that they send you with your first delivery. One of my favorite things about their company is that they specify how soon your meal needs to be cooked. So the fish is specified to cook within 3 days, the burgers within 5 and so on. I’m so paranoid about things going bad (thanks mom) so I end up wasting so much by throwing it away. That’s another awesome thing about these delivery services… less waste!

A big complaint with these type of services is that portions are usually too small and I’m not going to lie, I was a little worried that the portion wasn’t going to be enough for my grizzly bear of a husband. Surprisingly, we were both completely satisfied when all was said and done.

I should specify, these aren’t pre-made meals. With HomeChef you prep and cook everything yourself. I actually really enjoyed feeling like I knew what I was doing, besides the one time I needed to YouTube how to cut a parsnip. I love trying new things so this was right up my alley. My hubby on the other hand is VERY stuck in his ways when it comes to what he likes and even more so when it comes to what he doesn’t like.

Moment of truth, we sat down at the table with our pretty meal. There was a slight pause as hubby looked down and he said “I am totally out of my comfort zone here, Kate.” He bravely took his first bite and then another pause… I sat nervously. He then said, “Wow….. that’s REALLY good. I feel like I should be sitting in a fancy restaurant right now.” SUCCESS! Next up…. HomeChef’s Unami burgers with mushroom, white cheddar and Parmesan sweet potato fries!


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