First Time Getting Pulled Over, My Bad

It finally happened. After years of frequent bragging to my husband and friends…. I got pulled over for the very first time yesterday. Let me be clear, I am a fast driver. My drivers Ed teacher liked to say I had a lead foot… and it was very heavy.

I was cutting it close time-wise for my daughter’s 4 month check up. I know, excuses excuses. I knew the second I saw his State cop SUV parked in the church parking lot that I was done for. He pulled out, flicked on his lights. I pulled over, kept my hands on the wheel, a friendly “hello sir” as he approached my window.

“Hey there ma’am, you were going a little fast… 60 in a 45 actually. Could I get your license and registration please?”

I go for the glovebox where my registration should be stored…. nope, not there. I keep rummaging around, I don’t even know what I’m looking for at this point because like I said.. I had never been pulled over before and I end up handing him two insurance slips. He takes them in his hand.

Cop: “Okay, let’s just start with the license.” I hand it to him.

“Ehem, I’m so sorry, okay registration, let me check the center console. No, no weapons at this time..” *more fumbling* So….. It’s apparently not in the car.

Cop cuts off my shuffling through papers: “Actually ma’am it’s fine, these are both expired too (referring to my insurance) I’ll just be right back. It’s in your name right?”

“Uh….. ya.” *he walks away*

I sit and wait… still looking for my registration which should’ve seriously been in there.

He approaches my window and I’m ready for the much deserved ticket…..

Cop in an oddly chipper voice: “Okay ma’am, well just try to slow down. 60 in a 45 is a little bit fast. Have a nice day!”

What a humbling situation… and holy moly did I get lucky.

Here’s a picture of my family to prove we survived:


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