Memorial Weekend

We are all so busy that we don’t often take the time to spend quality time together. All chores, to-do lists, cell phones etc. were set aside allowing us to be present and so very thankful for each one another.

Friday, we spent a lot of time outside. It was Paisley’s first time drawing with chalk in our driveway and she had a lot of fun. She of course spent time in her car, saying “bye mama!” and giggling. She said she was going to nana and papa’s and kept running into the house to grab things she needed to bring with her. The essentials of course, taggy, blanket, stuffed pig.

Then, their daddy surprised us by coming home early from work! He tried teaching Paisley how to pop heads off of dandelions, and Winter touched grass for the first time and loved it.

Saturday we spent the day at the campground with my parents. Relxed by the campfire, listened to some guitar and singing and cruised around on a Minnie Mouse ATV.

And Sunday, we spent the day at camp with my hubby’s parents. On our way out we even got to see a moose. Paisley kept asking to give the “Bih-Moose” a “huh and tiss.” Winter had her first camp sauna tubby and smiled through the entire thing! (Everyday Shea Bodywash , Everyday Shea lotion)

Monday, we started making a living space in our basement and did chores around the house… hence the mess in the background. But we had to take a little break for ice cream of course.

I am so thankful for this time spent with my favorite people.

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