Baby Steps into an Organic Lifestyle


Towards the end of April I made the choice to start eating more organic foods. Less GMO’s, more grass-fed meats, no antibiotics or hormones, clean foods. I made this decision knowing we would not be eating purely organic overnight but rather baby step into the lifestyle. There is so much to learn about brands, seeds if you grow your own, Monsanto, pesticides, where to shop, the clean fifteen and dirty dozen, and the list goes on…. and on.

I choose to buy organic fruits and veggies, most of my meats, milk, juice, cereal, some of our yogurt, most of our snacks, deoterant, shampoo, body wash, lotion etc. Don’t get me wrong, I stray from time to time (my post the other night about eating half a pan of brownies, cake at a birthday party, ice cream here and there) but for the most part I feel much better by eating this way and we take it seriously.

The judgment my family and I have been receiving has been unreal. Nearly every person we mention it to has a little negative comment.

My daughter has always eaten really well. I let her try most things but all in moderation. I’ve gotten eye rolls from the very beginning when I would ask family or friends not to feed her unhealthy things like candy or ice cream, or when I’d water down her juice or only buy unsweetened applesauce or when I decided to skip baby cereal altogether. The people that should support me the most, don’t. I get eye rolls, “oh good grief,” “that’s too expensive,” “my kids never had that and they’re just fine,” “hippy” and more. The only person that’s supported this journey has been my mom and I am thankful beyond belief for her understanding.

Last night my husband had moved some goldfish that were out and put them away so our daughter wouldn’t fill up on them since she was skimpy while eating her dinner. I heard someone scoff “oh, they’re not organic,” and another answer “oh… well my kid must be really sick then,” and the response “ha, yeah, mine must be too!”

I never knew I’d get so much intolerance for simply changing what my family and I eat.

Announcement to those who choose to not eat organically: Just because I do, doesn’t mean that I’m acting “better” than you. I also challenge you to do some research. If you knew what you were feeding yourself and your children, I’d be willing to bet you’d be more cautious. Please, quit judging my parenting and the way my family chooses to eat and worry more about what you’re putting into your own body. And if you don’t make the switch? That’s okay too! I’m not superior to anyone. We all choose different paths in life and one direction isn’t THE route for all people.

Announcement to those who are curious about eating organically: Go for it. It’s guilt free, great for you, and you can do it on a budget.

If you know me, you know I love my research. I have learned so much in the last couple of months. If you have questions, message me!

2 thoughts on “Baby Steps into an Organic Lifestyle

  1. It’s crazy how much people judge. I get eye rolls and comments all the time too! “You’re a rabbit “eat a hamburger” “go to mcdonalds” “hippy”.. the list goes on!


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