Deer Farm Fun


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My cousin Kara, my girls, and I took a little trip today. It was our first summer-like day for the year. We hopped in the car and got chatting right away, catching up like we always do. I drove and drove until I realized I had never turned where I was supposed to and we were an hour away from where we needed to be. We ended up popping over into our neighboring state before we finally ended up at our destination. The ride was bright, green and oh-so- beautiful.

We had lunch at a lovely Mexican restaurant and then headed to our uncle’s farm. His deer just had babies and we were really excited to see them. Paisley keep saying “lillo baby dee-ah” (little baby deer) in anticipation.

Paisley had a blast carrying around peanuts to feed them and going into the pens with her Aunty Kara. She couldn’t get enough! Winter and I mostly enjoyed some shade. Poor Paisley was not blessed with my easy-tanning skin and started turning rosy within minutes so we had to cut her time short before going inside for cool air.

My hubby, the kids and I finished off our night at Kara’s softball game. We were able to walk there and back home because it was finally a warm evening.

God blessed us today with great weather, and even better company.

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