The final word on Blue Apron

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I had been raving to my mom about my family’s successful food delivery services the last few weeks so we both decided to take advantage of Blue Apron’s 65% off sale. Blue Apron’s system was a little less organized compared to the other services we have tried so far. The produce was all free inside of the box so when it came time to cook, you had to find each ingredient that matched. It wasn’t that inconvenient though, I mean all of my meals were delivered to my front door after all.You are able to pick your meals from an online menu every week and I forgot to select so I was assigned meals. We received beef Knockwurst and sauerkraut, chicken and sweet pepper tostadas, and shrimp with squid ink spaghetti. The first two meals were delicious and fairly easy to prepare but the squid ink was a little too “out there” for us so we ate the shrimp and snap peas from the meal and ended up making some pulled pork sandwiches.

My mom had a slightly different experience. All three of her meals were missing one single ingredient. Yes, it was really frustrating but she called and they refunded her entire order! Customer service was more than helpful and apologetic. She and my dad ended up loving every recipe and that’s saying a lot because my dad has a picky pallet.

From my own personal experience I’d rate Blue Apron 3/5 stars but I wouldn’t hesitate to give it another try.


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