Paisley’s 2nd Birthday



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Our little Paisley turned two yesterday! Everyone tells you time goes by fast after having children and it’s so very true! The days feel long and trying at times but then all of a sudden another year has gone by!

Paisley slept until noon and then woke up and had some Minnie (or Mickey?) Mouse pancakes while her sister watched longingly. We later had family and friends over for a fun Sesame Street party!

This girl never ceases to amaze me. She went all day without her usual two hour nap and never had a single meltdown or even a moment of anger for that matter. She was happy, entertaining, and oh-so-cute! Even Winter was great. She took a nap for the majority of the time and when she woke she was as smiley as can be.

Potluck dinner, swingset fun, presents, cupcakes and even a little dance in the rain after it was all said and done. It was the perfect day celebrating our baby girl with the people we love the most!

Paisley’s outfit can be found here: swimsuit, tutu, Sesame Street shoes.

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