Cinnamon and chill

IMG_6104I became accustomed to staying up late with the baby so even now that she sleeps at night, I still find myself staying up and binge watching my shows on Netflix. Now, my husband has started this thing where my shows become “his shows” too mid season. He will sit down and watch some with me and get hooked and then I feel guilty about going on without him. I might add that he goes to bed at like 9pm, which is hours before I do so I keep starting new shows to find something that can be “mine” again. I have started three different shows in the past month and he’s come in and decided he loves them too. So…. despite the fact that Lost is now our show to watch together… I’m watching it while he is gone fishing with a friend.

Really, can you blame me though? Somehow, both children are sleeping and my mom dropped off a giant cinnamon roll earlier today. Yes, I carved out the center because it’s the best part. Also, because I know if I eat if tomorrow for breakfast I will have to share with a begging, persistent toddler.

Call me selfish, but there was no way I was about to let that happen.

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