Ditch your disposable nursing pads and switch to these right now


Sponsored by the amazing Kindred Bravely*

Disposable nursing pads are expensive, non eco-friendly, uncomfortable, damp from holding moisture, increase your chances of getting infections, and the thing about them that probably bothered me the most – they were individually wrapped so there were so many little pieces of paper and plastic static clinging to me while I was trying to throw out the wrappers!

Switch to these Kindred Bravely reusable nursing pads!

I struggled with an overactive letdown, and even now being five months postpartum, I will randomly let down from time to time. They’re also not bulky like other brands so they’re flat under clothing and I haven’t had a single leak through mishap! They’re made of organic bamboo which is so soft against your skin.

The best part about these babies is that they’re only $14 for 4 pairs and they come with a cute little pouch! Make the switch. I can guarantee you will love them… but if for some crazy reason you decide they’re not for you, they have a 100% refund policy, no questions asked!

You’ve so much to gain with these pads. You will save money, save the earth, and have comfy pads on your nips even if they’re chaffed, cracked or sore. Breastfeeding can be so demanding at times but these will make things much easier for you and your sweet baby!

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