My baby is 5 months old!


This girl is such a ham. I cannot believe as of a few days ago our little Winter is 5 months old. She is as chunky as can be, smiles all the time even at inanimate objects, rolls over really well and even pushes up on her knees wanting to crawl. She loves observing others, tubbies, cuddles, and gnawing on her hands.

She is SO ready for food judging by the pool of drool she sits in after watching us eat. Miss Paisley tried to pop a cheerio in her mouth a couple of weeks ago and little Winter was livid when I took it out of her mouth.


Today, our baby sat up in her Boppy Pillow unassisted and her daddy and I sat there with our mouths wide open. We were in complete disbelief, yet oh so proud!

Time, please slow down.

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