Paisley’s fever fun -NOT

IMG_6619Paisley has been battling a fever off and on for the several few days. She woke up yesterday morning with a temp of 103.5 and I decided it was finally time to call her doc. Her doctor goes above and beyond and got us in right away so we headed out to see him.

My poor baby was lethargic, achey, and her body was piping hot. Her doctor decided to have her get some blood work to see if it was a viral or bacterial infection. So, I told Paisley that the doctors needed to take some of her blood and were going to give her a “little poke.” She kept saying “Little poke. Please?” Bless her innocence.

She sat on my lap in the big blue blood drawing chair. I talked her through it and not a single tear fell! She watched the whole thing and the doctors were actually giggling in disbelief at how amazing she was. When they finished, she said “all done!” She was so proud of her “blue sticker” bandaid on her arm.

So the day went on and we kept our eye on her and her fever.

Later that night at 11pm or so, I checked her fever again and the thermometer read over 105 degrees! We headed to the ER to be safe. There, they suggested she should get a urine sample to make sure she didn’t have a bladder infection but in order to do that they would need to use a catheter. I asked for a moment. Her daddy and I talked it over and agreed since she’s being fighting some unknown sickness for the last 5 days. We needed some answers and possibly some medicine.

What a traumatizing experience. The tyoe of moment where you’re shaking, and you want to puke, and you’re so upset but you are beyond the point of crying. Of course we didn’t show this but we sure as hell felt it.

Our SUPER tough daughter was being held down screaming out “DADDY!! DADDDDYYYYYY! Ahhhhh!!!!!” I actually told them to stop partway through because I couldn’t even take it anymore. They kept inserting it and pulling it out and reinserting it and I honestly questioned if they even knew what they were doing. The two nurses kept exchanging “oh shit” glancess with each other – I told them to stop. They weren’t able to collect a sample for whatever reason, so all of it was for nothing.

Talk about feeling guilty as a parent.

We were sent home with the amazing advice to “follow up in a few days.”

Yeah, yesterday sucked.


Thank God for Paisley’s Taggies Blanket. This little buddy (pictured in both photos) is a literal lifesaver. She’s been attached to them for as long as I can remember. They’re the perfect little security blanket for comfort at night and during scary times.

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