Donating my breast milk


So, I just donated over 200oz of my breastmilk.

I never knew that I would get so emotional over milk but I got a little choked up after handing it over. I think it’s because it is really freaking hard to pump, package, label, freeze, and clean your pump parts over and over and over again. Seeing my milk all packed up together brought back memories- The NICU, the sterile smell, so many sleepless nights, tears, physical and emotional pain and yet, my body was able to produce this amazing stuff that kept my baby alive. The liquid gold that brought my baby home from the hospital and fattened her up so, so much. Looking at it in my freezer just made me so proud — but that’s the problem. It was just sitting there in the cold not benefitting anyone. Little Winter is almost 6 months old and is a total boob-baby. She has said a stern “no thanks” to our bottle attempts. The milk needed to be used and I was being selfish hoarding it for a baby that was never going to use it.

My milk went to a little girl that needs it. This little girl is currently spending her days in the NICU and working on feeding and trying to gain weight. She has Down syndrome and will be having surgery next month on two holes in her heart. A total stranger gets to grow strong by drinking MY milk. I feel such honor getting to be the one that will hopefully help this little girl thrive.

Who knew a boob juice would cause someone to be so emotional.

I still continue to pump from time to time and hopefully I will be able to do this again! If you’re able to help someone with your milk supply, do it! If you’re in need of some breast milk, reach out! This opportunity is such a blessing for givers and receivers.

Sidenote: Medela storage bags are my go to. I know I have a Lansinoh one pictured in the back of the picture, but Medela ones are much more sturdy and you can pump right into the bags if you want to! You can buy them here! 

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