Hubby’s 23rd Birthday

Yesterday was my husband’s 23rd birthday! He came home from work, we ate a steak dinner and he passed out in his recliner cuddling Winter while Paisley and I read books.

Can you say “parent-life” much?


IMG_7710Most 23 year olds would be out celebrating, but we celebrated today with a laid back family dinner at his parent’s house. We are content and happy and that’s all that really matters.

TJ got a new table saw so he can live out his “manly crafting” urges and I can find projects for him to make for me and the house. I call it a win-win.


As parents, we find ourselves giving everything we have to our children. We don’t always make time for each other and that’s a big no-no in the relationship department. Lately, we have found ourselves saying, “I just miss you!!” to each other. So, another gift he received from me was a years worth of dates. 12 envelopes filled with a different date scenario to go on every month! Fun fact, you can’t open the envelope until the day of your date!

This is perfect for us because I’m such a minimalist-wannabe (we’re working on it) and we are trying to focus on experiences rather than things. I mean, we should be able to spare 12 measly days per year for each other right… right??

xxoo Kate

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