July Date Night

We are already following through on our commitment to spend more time together. July’s date scenario was canvas painting! We each got a canvas to paint on, picked a pretty spot, laid down a blanket, and painted!


I love art but I never make time for it, TJ however was extremely out of his element! He went into it with an open mind and we ended up having a blast.

It was so nice to sit outside in the fresh air, enjoy some peace and quiet, and to just live life slowed down a bit.

It took everything in us to keep from somehow making it into a competition because we have a tendency to do that with most things.

Just two people enjoying each others company. A much needed break from the everyday hustle and bustle.


If you are looking for a more uncommon date idea, I’d give this a try! You’ll need paintbrushes, 2 canvases, a cup for water, some paper towel to blot the brushes, and paints! Pick a pretty spot and just go for it! There’s just something about being in nature that makes Hubby and I feel so good!

I have serious mom-anxiety about leaving my babies and we were only gone for 2 hours! If you and your significant other need a little escape, this is a great option!


July date night – check!

xxoo Kate

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