God brought my best friend home today.

She wasn’t just a dog.

She was my wish on a star – granted by the Lord and my loving parents. At 4 years old I told my mom I had one wish. She asked me what it was and I told her that I couldn’t tell her because then it wouldn’t come true. She insisted that I could confide in her, so I did. All I wanted was a puppy.

Christmas, year 2000, I opened a bag filled with dog supplies and toys. I was confused until I found a paper at the bottom “written from” my new baby shih tzu (pictured below in a scrapbook I made when I was younger). She was so tiny – a little black puff ball. She was too young to take home at that point but I turned white with excitement. I couldn’t believe it. It was my dad’s idea to get me a pup which was surprising because he liked control over his home and surely a puppy would bring a little chaos to our lives. He may act like a tough guy, and he is, but he would do anything to make me happy.


We knew we were in for it when we went to visit her for the first time before we got to take her home with us. She was stealing food from her mom’s plate. Such a sassy little piggy. She was never a problem for us once she came home though. In fact I swear she understood “human.” Smartest, best companion ever.


My mom and I tossed out names all day that Christmas. I liked Spice and she liked Pepper Ann. We couldn’t agree until later that day when we went to my grandma’s home for our usual Christmas dinner and presents. My cousins were tearing open presents from our family gift exchange. As paper was flying through the air, I unwrapped a Bratz doll named Chloe. We both went “YES!” My new puppy’s name would be Chloe.


As an only child, she was the closest thing to a sibling that I’d ever know. She was the best company and I took her everywhere. We even went for golf cart rides to my uncles garden after I’d get off the bus from school. We’d sit and share peas from the pea pods.

She was my companion during childhood, my teens and my adult life this far. She was my best friend during my highs and very low lows. She was there for my marriage and to meet my two babies. She’d listen to me sing “You are so beautiful…” from The Little Rascals movie.  I grew up with her always there, no matter what, nursing her toys and sleeping at the foot of my bed (and sometimes stealing my pillow). She was tolerant, loving, and my best friend.

Our family member for the past 19 years went to heaven today.

Some may roll their eyes at such a sappy post about an animal but she was never just a dog. She was my best friend.

May God hold you close my baby Chloe. I’ll see you before we know it!

xxoo Kate

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