Why we love our amber teething necklaces

I adore my online community! I just posted on my Instagram the other day about how my husband accidentally broke my daughter’s amber teething necklace and then tried to hide it from me!

Well, guess what came in the mail today?! A brand spankin’ new one from Canyonleaf. I mean, how nice was that?! I’d like to mention that this one is WAY cuter than the last one too.



Yes, I’m that mom that believes in their magical teething relief powers.

If you’ve never heard of amber teething necklaces, they’re necklaces that your teething baby wears – NOT chews on. The amber is supposed contain succinic acid which acts as an anti inflammatory for your baby’s sore gums. Amber necklaces are a great alternative to pharmaceuticals and I can proudly say I have never given my girls any meds for teething pain!

I see people asking for opinions on my mommy Facebook groups all of the time. “Do they really work?” and I’m the first one to say yes, they really have for us, but if nothing else they’re cute, right?!


Side note: always supervise your child when wearing an amber necklace and make sure it’s not too long.

xxoo Kate

Headwrap from The Sassy Olive

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