State Fair + Our big announcement hint

I finally got around to writing about this past weekend. It was filled with long drives, family fun and a big surprise I’ll announce later on.
My husband is a huge fair lover. We make it a must every year! This year we had a new little family member (Winter) and I swear to God, we have the best kids ever. Paisley and Winter were both content and cooperative the entire day. Paisley loved seeing the animals while Winter was pretty “eh,” sitting with a chubby cheeked emotionless face the whole time and I’ll take that over a crying baby any day.

I enjoyed a pineapple smoothie from Tropic Love and it was so good until my tongue started to burn from the acidity as I neared the end of it. Dont be fooled, I got a watermelon refill and either way, totally worth it.IMG_8692Paisley and her daddy got their annual corn and tomato photo together.

IMG_8498IMG_8493Hubs went and looked at the horses (his fave) and then we sat while Winter snacked herself right into nap time.
IMG_8691.PNGGood food, cute animals, and quality time with my favorite people.

Now I’m sure you’re interested in hearing what “the big surprise” is, and maybe you’re not, but either way I’ll give you a hint: New family member!

Keep your eyes peeled for my next post (make sure you follow me so you don’t miss the announcement!)

xxoo Kate

My head wrap: Lily Hayden Bows

The bows the girls are wearing: Little Luba

My bracelet: Victoria Emerson Design

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