Big Announcement

Okay, it’s time for the big reveal. I know what you’re probably thinking… I’m pregnant! But no, I am not in fact pregnant. At least not yet. *winky face*

We got a puppy! Meet Mabel!


My husband had to remind me before picking her up that we will never be able to find a replacement for Chloe. I have to remind myself often that this little girl is her own pup, her own personality, her own temperament. I had a mini meltdown a couple of days after bringing her into our home because I felt guilty and sad and missed my Chloe.

I think I’ll always miss her. But I have a big heart and I have room to love this sweet face too. I mean, how can you not?


Overall, we have settled in quite wonderfully over the past several days and we are all in love. She’s a 2.5 pound ball of fluff that likes to cuddle with my husband and bounce around the yard.

So here’s to life after death and continuing to choose love, even while we are grieving significant loss.

xxoo Kate

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