An honest review – LipSense


Okay so… I decided to try the latest Lipsense craze. I myself, promote Younique products but I had to see what this hype was all about.

Their Claim: “LipSenseĀ® and all our Shea butterglosses are Vegan (no animal emulsifiers or animal by-products) and nothing is is ever tested on animals. LipSense has no lead. LipSense is Gluten-Free & Kosher. LipSense uses only NON-GMO ingredients.”

I’m all for a healthy lip product!

In the starter kit you get 3 tubes. One consists of your color, the other is an “Oops” remover for if you accidentally draw out of the lines, and the third is a gloss.

As I swiped it on, my first impression was “Wow, for a vegan lip color it tastes a bit chemical-y” and then my second thought was, “It kind of burns.” And then those thoughts faded away fast when I saw the color on my lips. I’d hate to come off as self-obsessed but the color was amazing! The perfect fall color (The color Dawn Rising if you’re wondering).

The odd taste (which was totally bearable by the way) went away as soon as I put the glossy top coat on. The lip color itself is sticky but the gloss is a super smooth, buttery layer that gets rid of the “stick” right away!

The answer you’ve all been waiting for, YES, it DID last. I ate ice cream, I kissed my husband, I ate (a lot) food and drank my water all day and it lasted from the moment I put it on all the way until bed time!


Would I order again? – Not a single doubt!

xxoo Kate

A special thanks to Joycalyn for letting me try out her lovely lip products! Check out her other colors on her Facebook and Instagram.

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