My child’s first “protective big sister” moment

My oldest daughter had her first “protective big sister” moment today at the library.

My 8 month old Winter was sitting on a blanket playing with some toys that we had brought from home. My two year old Paisley was playing in the distance with some library toys. We had just gotten out of our story time group and kids were everywhere. A little boy came over and picked up one of Winter’s toys.

Paisley, my quiet, well-mannered child immediately charges over in her uncoordinated sprint yelling “NOOOO!!!!!!” She proceeds to snatch it out of the little boy’s hand, returning it to her little sis, while exclaiming “BABY’S TOY!!!”

Paisley rarely even sticks up for herself so  though it was a slightly aggressive moment on her part, it was quite touching to see her “stick up” for her baby sister.

Here are a couple pictures from our follow up lunch with Grandma Judy because they’re cute.

xxoo Kate

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