Why I’m dedicated to becoming educated about what to do when you have a choking baby


Today was not the best day ever, that’s for sure. Started out rough, tantrums, refusing to get dressed, spills, kicking, whining. All of that was nothing compared to what happened next.

My mom stopped by and my oldest, Miss Paisley, insisted that she helped her go on the big girl potty so they left the room for a short while. I was laying on the couch exhausted because lately that’s my usual state, and my 8 month old Winter, was crawling around on the floor. She has just learned to crawl within the last few so she is all over the place.

All of a sudden I look over at her and she is looking at me with scared, big blue eyes. Drool was pouring out of the sides of her mouth. I immediately knew something was not right! She was gagging but no sound was coming out. I picked her up and put her face on an incline toward the ground and I yelled out for my mom. “She’s choking on something!!”

While I was holding her she puked onto the carpeting which only increased the fear I was feeling. My mom came rushing out and knew we needed to go to the ER. My baby was cycling between breathing and not. My mom grabbed her from me so I could throw Paisley, naked as can be, into the car. I called 911, grabbed my baby back and my mom took the drivers seat. Winter started to breathe once we got going in the car but she was still gagging and drooling. I was praying and shaking and I was confused as to what could be in her throat because I had vacuumed the living room not once, but twice that morning!

We sped to the ER. I ran in barefoot and basically tossed her into the nurses arms, like, help her – please!

The doctor was able to come in in a very timely manner and ended up scraping out a little pink elastic hair tie from Dow in her throat.

Thank the Lord it wasn’t more serious.

Talk about a wake up call though. Be prepared for all situations because even when you feel like you’re in control – you’re not.

I strongly advise all parents, grandparents, babysitters and so on to take a class or at least watch videos on how to perform first aid, CPR and the Heimlich on infants and children (and adults, why not?!)

I had asked a family member a while back to just watch a video on Youtube before babysitting my daughter and I was told “I don’t like those, they scare me too much. I’ll just hope it doesn’t happen.” All I have to say is as much as you can just push it aside and hope it doesn’t happen, IT STILL HAPPENS. Be informed!

This site is extremely informative and the videos should be watched by everyone! You just never know guys! http://www.procpr.org/training

Thanking God over and over this evening for watching out for us all.

xxoo Kate

2 thoughts on “Why I’m dedicated to becoming educated about what to do when you have a choking baby

  1. I’m so glad things turned out okay. I also agree that every parent should know basic knowledge of CPR. I took it after having Ryan and it’s the best thing I ever Did!


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