I’m a Holiday Freak

3DE57BEA-6764-4EF7-B01B-E635036507A6.jpgI love the holidays. I love decorating, I love people coming together to have fun, I just love how they make me feel inside.

I have little traditions for each holiday and if I don’t accomplish them I feel slightly bummed. For example, every Halloween I have to watch throwback movies like Hocus Pocus and all of the Halloweentown movies. I must carve pumpkins, cook the seeds, drink apple cider, and visit the corn maze.

Well you know how it goes with children. Life gets busy. We missed the corn maze and I still haven’t squeezed in my favorite Halloween movies (I will watch them) but we did finally carve pumpkins this past Sunday!

Paisley wasn’t super interested in carving, but she did help sort some seeds for baking and even helped scoop some of the guts out. She thought she was pretty silly!


Winter loved sitting in her pumpkin. She even took a couple of tastes. Little word of advice, keep the pumpkin inside for a night before hallowing and placing your child in it.. we learned our lesson with poor Paisley. That’s what she gets for being the first child I guess.

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Paisley was pretty excited when she saw that I attempted to carve an Elmo and of course, my hubs carried on his hunting theme tradition.

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Pumpkin carving – check! Next on the to-do list…. Movies and a comfy blanket!

xxoo Kate

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