A healthier Halloween, without cutting out all of the candy

I think it’s safe to say that it’s up for debate when it comes to limiting children’s Halloween candy consumption. Some say, “let them have at it,” while others cut it out completely. I’m going to share what my toddler will be getting this Halloween and I’d like to say it’s a great compromise.

With childhood obesity, diabetes and other diseases on the rise, I think it’s important to inform you that there are alternatives to the typical candy that you see on Halloween and other occasions.

To read more about why you should choose healthier options and other safe alternatives, click here.

Here’s what our two year old’s bucket looks like:


My daughter loves lollipops, popcorn, granola bars which she calls “cookie bars,” and juice which we usually water down. In all honesty, I’ll probably end up eating her chocolate bar and I’m looking forward to having a cozy cup of hot chocolate with her. She’s getting everything she loves, plus more!

Every product above is organic and free from all of the yuckies that typical treats have. A few of the things you may see were store brand organic so I’ve linked where you can purchase some other tasty options!

Most important of all, have fun and be safe this Halloween!

xxoo Kate

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