Steadfast Love


The only time I get to myself is late at night. I am usually dead tired at the end of the day but as a mother, I need this time alone to keep my sanity. I usually watch a show and conduct blogging business because that’s what I enjoy, but tonight I decided to take a little time to catch up on my Bible Study. Like any relationship, you need to put in the time and effort to get to know the other person. A relationship with God is no exception to that rule.

I’ve always believed in God because that’s what I was raised to do but it was only recently that I made the choice to get to actually know Him. The road was bumpy at first. But I eventually made the very personal decision to give my life to Him and things have just been different ever since. I can’t exactly explain how, but I can tell you that my bad days aren’t as dark as they used to be.

I used to be consumed by a feeling of hopelessness, some would call it depression. I had an endless supply of things to be thankful for but I was still just blah inside. I cycled between very high highs and extremely low lows. I still have ups and downs but the sadness has dulled immensely and my happiness is pure.

I look forward to church on Sundays. I actually teared up last week during worship and I don’t even know why. His love is just so powerful. He loves all of us no matter how imperfect we are.

Instead of focusing on the dark shadow that seemed to be following me everywhere, I can now look to the light. Our God is the most forgiving, loving, and patient Father and any pain or guilt or sadness that you may be feeling can and will be healed if you pursue Him and his message.

Something happened in my life a few years ago that caused me to become an angry person. I felt rage and sick to my stomach anytime I thought about it. I had signs of PTSD and it caused an immense amount of stress. I was not a happy person.

I spent years asking God, “Why did you let this happen?!” and pleading that he’d take the pain that I felt in my heart and just get rid of it even though I knew I’d never truly get over it.

Friday October 20th, I was driving in my car, no radio, just enjoying the peace and quiet…. and the hurt was all of a sudden just gone. I don’t know how or why. It just was.

If anyone needs to be freed from pain, guilt, sadness or just wants to live a more enjoyable life… I will happily introduce you to Him.

Local people, come to church with me! Others – message me and ask me questions! I don’t care who you are or where you come from, I’d love to help anyone who needs a little peace and love in their lives. God knows I did.

xxoo Kate

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