Why Do Little Kids Cry When They See Santa?

Why do little kids cry when they see Santa? That’s a really good question and if anyone could answer it for me, I’d be interested in hearing your response!

My husband and I stood in line waiting for my daughters to see Santa and I kid you not, there was crying coming from all directions. The children on his lap were screaming and the ones that had already had their turn were loudly recovering in a connecting room.

I get it. It’s a strange, burly man dressed in an obnoxiously warm, red ensemble with a long white beard that static clings to their faces when they go to look at him. I mean, they excitedly stand in line, for quite some time I might add, so that an elf helper can awkwardly place them onto his lap for a photo – and that’s that.

I’m proud that my child’s “stranger-danger” alarm sounds because if it not in that very moment, when?

I see Facebook pictures every year titled “1st Time Visiting Santa,” and nine times out of ten, the children fearing for their personal wellbeing. If you have some down time, I encourage you to google image search “kids afraid of Santa.” The results are highly amusing.

If you don’t have time to do a google search, then at the very least check out these (in my opinion) hilarious pictures of my children this past weekend visiting Santa. Paisley has met him twice before and surprisingly didn’t cry, but instead, my husband and I got intense save me eyes. Our daughter Winter on the other hand met him for the first time and well, the photos say it all…





How did your kiddos react? Bonus points if you share a picture with me!

xxoo Kate

2 thoughts on “Why Do Little Kids Cry When They See Santa?

  1. How did you get more than one picture?! We were not allowed to have phones out while baby got her picture taken with Santa! The lady in front of us was told to put her phone away and she was just texting! I wanted to sneak some pictures but then I thought that I wouldn’t be able to handle the embarassment if I were caught! Hahaha


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