Christmas 2017

Ahhh, Christmastime, it’s just a magical time of year. We celebrate the Lord amongst twinkling lights and carols, all while snacking on yummy treats! I know some people can’t stand the Christmas cheer, but I just love it. It makes me feel excited and uplifted.

On Christmas Eve Eve, we spent the day out at camp with zero cell service, cut off and oh-so-cozy.


On Christmas Eve we attended church and then got together for dinner and gift opening with my husband’s family. Of course the girls wore matching dresses. I bought them on sale at Old Navy months ago and I was so happy to see them fit!


On Christmas Day we had my parents over for gift opening, and then spent the rest of the evening with my family having a big feast and playing games!


Paisley had asked Santa for a bunny cake and lipstick so her “Nano Bear” mad her a pinapple bunny with blueberry eyes and lo and behold, the bottom of her stocking held 4 yummy Burts Bees chapsticks! They got all kinds of wonderful things like new gold earrings, books, art supplies and oh my gosh, these Gonge Hilltops were a hit!


To name just a few, I was gifted some fun clothes, a gorgeous necklace that holds my childhood dog’s ashes (yes, I cried), a new stainless steel pots and pans set, the Junie B. Jones book series to read to the girls, and an olive oil mister! My hubs got some mula, a new jacket, an Ancestry DNA kit, a new Qalo.. and then he took over the girl’s blocks!


We were also gifted two weekend getaways, 1 being at an indoor water park and the other being wherever we please. I am sooo excited to take off for a little while!

We are beyond thankful for the gifts, the time spent with our most cherished people, and most importantly the love of Jesus Christ. Without our Lord, we would have no reason and no joy. Because of Him, we are able to have purpose, feel love and give thanks not only on Christmas but every day.

Now it is time to create some new year goals!

How did you celebrate Christmas?

Have you set any goals in place starting now, or for the new year?

xxoo Kate


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