Our second baby blessing is one year old

My sweet baby, where do I begin?


Watching you turn one feels so bittersweet. It’s a time to celebrate a year of milestones reached and the many excitements to come.

You started out as my perfect, wrinkly little thing with folded over ears and a bruised up face. I’ve had the pleasure of watching you chunk up (a lot) and smile at everyone we come in contact with. Seriously kid, you smile ALL the time and especially at your sister. Boy do you admire your sissy. Your big gummy grins lift my spirit every time I look at you. I hope you always smile like that.

You love exploring. You eat every tiny thing you can find on the floor and because I rush over to you in a panic, you’ve decided to pretend to eat things – just for fun.

You love pulling all of the books off of the bookshelf. You love cords and outlets and giving me gray hairs.

You love to stand up and then plop down onto your butt because you think you’re silly and you really are.

You like to laugh with me like The Count from Elmo. You love music and dancing and food and of course boobs.

We’ve made it an entire year breastfeeding! Go us! I know many people struggle with nursing and I was worried that we were going to have a difficult time because of your NICU stay. But, I knew the second that they let me hold you that we would be just fine. You wiggled your heavy head around, bouncing your wide open mouth until you chomped down onto me – latched, just like that. I actually had to giggle at you, hidden behind our little hospital curtain, because I hadn’t even gotten fully situated into the chair yet. Just like that, we were connected again.

Im crying writing this because I know all of these precious moments will pass before I’m ready. I know we will move on to experience even more special moments together but your independence will also grow. Though I will be proud of you and your newfound freedom, I will always cherish the times when you truly needed me. When you needed me for a full belly, for warmth, and for comfort.

I think a piece of me will spend forever in year one. During the first year it seems as though you’re suspended away from the rest of the world. The days are long and demanding but somehow I blinked and now we are here. An entire year has gone by.

My smiley baby, thank you for being the best cuddle partner. I pray the year to come is just as good as our very first together.

xxoo Mama

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