Winter One-derland Birthday Party Theme – Gender Neutral

My daughter’s 1st birthday party was this past weekend! The Winter One-derland theme fit perfectly because one, it’s freezing cold here and two, her name is Winter! I mean c’mon, it’s meant to be!

Here’s how it all turned out….

Cupcakes + Cake


My friend and I spent six hours the night before the party making cupcakes and the cake. I’m not going to lie, it probably took that long because we were talking so much but it was quality “friend time” and I love how they all turned out.


My bestie channeled her expertise to make this adorable ombre smash cake!


I was trusted with frosting the cupcakes and then she topped them with handmade snowflake cake toppers! Thank God for Cricut machines!

Food + Drink


We had a blue punch which was super yummy but this Crockpot hot chocolate was a hit and it was so easy to throw together!


What’s hot chocolate without toppings?! Well, it’s still pretty darn good but I wanted to spice things up a bit. We chose peppermint bits, mini M&M’s, mini chocolate chips, sprinkles, heath toffee crumbles, mini marshmallows, chocolate syrup and of course whipped cream!


We had other “winter-y” snacks which included white chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels with sparkly sprinkles! We also had powdered sugar donut holes which look like little snowballs and go great with the hot chocolate.


We had homemade chili, cocktail weenies and ham and cheese sliders because any chilly day needs some comfort foods!



I really lucked out because Target was having their 70%+ off sale after Christmas so I was able to pick up all kinds of winter-themed items for the party for next to nothing! BUT, I also picked up some stuff from the dollar store which was easy-peasy and financially friendly!


The O-N-E balloons, the snowflake balloon, and the cake topper were provided by Sweet Chubby Cheeks on Etsy. They have the cutest party supplies ever!

Smash Cake:


So obviously, the “smash cake” is optional but I have been wanting to do one of these photo shoots for a while, so I couldn’t resist.


Yup, that’s my daughter and proud of it!


So whether you’re looking to throw your own Winter One-derland party, or you just wanted to see pictures of a cute kid smashing a cake, I hope I intrigued/inspired you a bit!

xxoo Kate

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