Baby #3 Pregnancy Announcement

Surprise! Baby #3 is growing as we speak!


You might’ve been wondering why I haven’t written in the last few weeks, this is why. Well, this and the fact that college has been kicking my BUTT. My online math class has been causing me an insane amount of stress. However, I’m pushing through.

I’m pushing through mommin’, nausea, fatigue, oh and ya know, just growing another human! Women are plain awesome, right? I mean c’mon – WE GROW HUMAN BEINGS!

I had big plans to keep this pregnancy a secret for a while. Like, my own little personal challenge, until my toddler Paisley started outing me to people. She would just blurt out to random people, “Mama has a baby in her belly!”

Thanks bud, looks like I’ll share it with the world now! So here we are.

I’m not that disappointed. Now I get to share more of the milestones with you guys and that I’m excited about.

Stay tuned for my favorite baby/pregnancy products along the way…. and of course my fattening bod.

xxoo Kate

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