I Took a Blogging Break but I’m Back!

Okay guys, I’M BACK!

I haven’t posted in ages because well, life. So here’s an update for all who may have wondered what the heck I’ve been up to!

I’m 28 weeks pregnant with baby number three and it’s a GIRL! That’s right, I’m officially in the third trimester! My pregnancy has been far from easy and is considered “high risk” because my past two babies were delivered early. After much stress and consideration I decided to get a weekly Makena progesterone injection in hopes to keep baby cooking a little bit longer!


I’ve also been wearing a sexy support belt to help ease the pain that I’ve been feeling due to symphysis pubis dysfunction. What is that you may ask? Basically I feel like my crotch is tearing apart… TMI? It is what it is!


We sold our house! And then…. we bought a house! We’ve been living with my parents for the past month and it’s been quite the adjustment for us all. I am beyond thankful that we’ve had somewhere to stay but its hard moving back in with parents especially with two toddlers and a hubby! (Thanks for putting up with us mom and dad!) We’ve been painting, tearing up orange shag carpeting and ordering decor. I am SO excited to move in and I’m praying that it is soon.


My first born got her very first haircut and turned 3! This girl. She cracks me right up. I was hovering over her hair with the scissors saying “Ahhh! I don’t think I can do it” and she goes, “Cut it off mama!!!” So I did, and she was pretty proud. As for her birthday this year, we shied away from throwing a “party,” you can see my reasons why here but it was SO nice. We spent the day as a family at the children’s museum and she got a tasty chocolate cupcake because that was her only request when I asked what she wanted for her birthday.


I made a YouTube channel! You can view it here. I’ve been having a blast filming and documenting my pregnancy and you can bet you will be seeing more videos to come!

I’ve missed you all and I’m happy to be back. To close, here is a couple pictures of my sweetie pies and another bump pic because this photographer always makes me feel so beautiful!


1xxoo Kate

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