My Birth Plan For Our Third Baby

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I’ve had quite a few people ask me what my birth “plan” was. I put plan in quotations because no one can ever really plan out their birth. There are so many unexpected possibilities but that’s exactly why I think you should write one! I use mine as a guideline, the perfect case scenario.

Many people mentioned to me that they are worried about the nurses or doctors laughing at them or thinking that they’re one of “those” patients that are going to be high maintenance and demanding. In my opinion, you shouldn’t care what they think. They’re there to help you. Giving birth is such a huge moment for you and your family and you deserve to have your birthing experience go as smoothly as possible. Being prepared and knowing what you want ahead of time helps everyone out in the long run if you run into one (or more) of those “what if” moments.

I’ve written a birth plan for all of my pregnancies however, my water broke early and I delivered my girls before I had a chance to even print them off of my computer. Thankfully I had just gone over with my husband before we had our second daughter and he was able to inform the doctors that I wanted to delay the cord cutting. I wouldn’t have even told them because I was too in awe holding my new baby. That’s another thing I suggest, tell your partner all about it! This experience is for both of you after all and at times and he may need to speak up or on your behalf.

Here’s a throwback to our first time birthing a baby together.


Anyhoo… Here is how I did mine:

Some information is blacked out for personal purposes***


So yeah, that’s it! Some people go into deep detail but I didn’t want mine to be completely overlooked by the nurses and doctors. Hopefully I have time to add or tweak things before she gets here if I need or want, but I like to think ahead… especially after having two premature babies. I think it’s pretty straightforward and simple and that’s just how I wanted it!

Did you write a birth plan? What are some things that you included?

xxoo Kate

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