Homeschooling a Preschooler

I spent HOURS making just one week worth of curriculum for our homeschooling program and guess what? I threw in the towel.

As you know, life is busy for the great majority of people. I am expecting our third baby soon and we are in the middle of moving, but even under different circumstances, I still don’t want to be spending hours and hours every week making a preschool program. I mentioned this stress to my mom who just retired from teaching this year and she bluntly told me that I was wasting my time.

She introduced me to a well-loved teacher resource where you can get free or paid lesson plans on just about any subject for any age! She found us the PERFECT program! It had just about everything I was looking for! I did end up dishing out some money but honestly, my time is more precious. I was more than willing to pay for everything to be laid out and done for me! Also, choosing to do it this way was still WAY cheaper than paying for my daughter to attend a preschool away from home.

Here is the program we went with. I say “we” because my mom was the one that picked it out but it was totally my style. Huge, holistic, and simple!


Click here to view or purchase the program!

This was the one we picked because I believe it will be perfect for my 3 year old and I think I will be able to include my 1.5 year old for most of it as well! This program is 46 weeks long and one of my favorite features is the fact that there they’ve set aside breaks for Thanksgiving, Christmas etc!

What will your child learn by the end of year?

Your child will be able to:
-Identify all letters uppercase and lowercase
-Know all letter sounds
-Grow their vocabulary to 500-1000 words
-Count to 20 fluently
-Identify numbers and quantities 1-10 fluently
-Know days of the week & weather
-Improve their fine motor skills significantly
-Sing 90 songs and nursery rhymes
-Understand order and scheduling of life through the use of the Daily Schedule Board
-Engage in over 45 sensory activities to stimulate curiosity and their developing minds
-Clean up after themselves
-Know all colors and two-dimensional shapes
-Know common animals and their characteristics
-Begin to engage in being helpers at home
-Know all five senses
-Know basic hygiene protocols
-Complete over 60 arts and crafts projects
-Read together over 250 fabulous book selections from your local library
-And much more!

We plan to start on August 20th which is why I wanted to share this with you now! You can start at any time however so don’t feel rushed into anything!

If you’re still feeling a little anxious or iffy about starting, this particular program offers ongoing support. You’re welcome to reach out at any time and someone will message you back within 24 hours. They truly want you to succeed and feel comfortable doing this!

So what do you think?! Is this something you’d give a try? Homeschooling isn’t for everyone and that’s okay! As for our family this year, it’s definitely the right move. Join us!!

xxoo Kate

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