Bible Study for Toddlers and Older

The highest “must have” on my list when I was choosing homeschooling curriculum was that I wanted it to be faith-based. Well, I found a program that had everything but that factor because that’s just how it goes most of the time.

I was going to add in a day or two of bible study from a separate program but it was overwhelming trying to figure out how to mesh the two lesson plans together and on what days etc. I wanted it to be an everyday thing so I knew I needed to find something to fulfill that desire.

I found an “ok” curriculum but it was over $60 and didn’t really have what I was looking for. I kept looking until I found the coolest book called My First Hands-On Bible. Better yet, it was only $11 and you can purchase it here!


This children’s Bible includes 85 easy to understand bible stories from the New Living Translation. The pages are colorful to keep attention and it even includes checkpoints throughout the book. The checkpoints are called “Jesus Connections” and they help kids see Jesus throughout the Bible. What really reeled me in was that this book includes games and activities for your children to help deepen their understanding from each section of their Bible. There are even prayers, songs, and questions to ask your child to help both of you learn and deepen your connection to each other and Jesus!

This book really brings the Bible to life and I can’t wait to share this every day with my daughters, ages 3 and 1.5! Keeping Jesus at the center of what we do was a must-have so I’m really glad I came across this Bible. It’s never too early to start developing a foundation of faith in God!

We are starting our homeschooling program this coming Monday, the 20th if you’d like to join us! You can view our curriculum choice here. Even if you don’t home school, this Bible is great for an any day, any time resource!

xxoo Kate

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