Going from two kids to three kids

I was told by nearly every person that I talked to while I was pregnant, that the adjustment to baby number three was a killer. I was slightly worried my entire pregnancy thinking about all of the stress and chaos I was about to endure as a parent that was now outnumbered.

In fact it seemed that no one wanted to elaborate on why it was so bad, it was just “really rough” and left at that. I’m not going to lie, the vagueness caused me even more anxiety.

Now that we are nearly one month in, how is it really? Surprisingly, it’s fairly easy. Now I know that all newborns do is sleep, poop, and nurse but I feel like we’re doing okay thus far. I know that when she becomes more active it’s going to up the chaotic factor but for now, we’re good!

My kids LOVE their new sister. In fact, I need to shoosh them away at times because they’re literally smothering her… with kisses but still. It’s amazing how tolerant and accepting kids can be.

Baby-wearing has been a godsend. Thankfully my Olive loves to be worn so when I’m out and about I have my hands free to corral the other two crazy kiddos. (Right now I’m using a K’tan wrap) We don’t let having children keep us at home all the time. Since having Olive, we’ve attended a rehearsal dinner, stood in a wedding, carved pumpkins, attended a harvest festival, went out into the woods to make homemade apple cider, and we have many more fun activities planned.

Also, there is nothing wrong with accepting help. My mama and I make weekly grocery trips while my oldest attends preschool. My mother in law watches my oldest two for a few hours here and there. My husband let’s me catch up on sleep on the weekends. There is NO shame in taking the time you need to recover and rest. Be good to yourself!

My one true struggle is a lack of sleep. As of only two days ago, my newborn had finally decided to sleep a little at night. Before that, I was running on 1.5-2 hours of sleep every night for a month. I truly thought I was going to give out. As soon as my Olive decided to fall asleep, my other children were waking for the day. How am I surviving? I honestly have NO clue but as a parent, you just do.

My middle child didn’t sleep longer than a very rare 4 hour stretch, but mostly two hour stretches for over a year! I’m hoping and praying that is not the case this time around because running on fumes is no way to live!

Honestly, if my husband wasn’t such a hands-on, involved father and husband I probably wouldn’t have had more children. I am so unbelievably thankful that he’s my equal. I couldn’t do it without him!

So yes, we are all well. We are in love with our new little family member and would not change a thing… besides the sleeping part… I’d take a little more sleep!

xxoo Kate

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