Lassig Diaper Bag Product Review

Diaper bags… oh diaper bags. Why must you look so diaper-baggy?

Moms need convenience in their lives and often times we sacrifice style in order to achieve that.

When I first started “momming” I decided that I was going to take the cool-mom route and ditch my old diaper bag for a really cute Calvin Klein crossbody bag. Sadly, it was just one big compartment and I was always rifling through it trying to find what I needed. So, I was on the hunt again but this time, for something a bit more practical.

I wanted a diaper bag that was completely functional but also stylish. I also really wanted one that I could use on my back. I didn’t want to use an actual backpack but with two toddlers and a newborn, I needed something hands-free.

I came across the Lassig bags and instantly fell in love with the design of this Glam Goldie backpack in the color Rose. It’s actually meant for twins but hey, I need the space! It can be carried by handles, worn crossbody OR on your back. Ding ding ding, we have a winner!

It is structured so it doesn’t flop around and comes with so many amazing compartments. If you know me, I love organized storage. It comes with a large waterproof changing mat, a water-repellant wet compartment for keeping water bottles or snacks cold and a removable food jar holder. There are places for your cellphone, food, a key ring, and even has stroller hooks, seriously – you name it!

If you’ve got your hands full, this is the bag for you.

If you’re looking for something smaller but equally as awesome, they have plenty of other choices and styles to choose from. Click here to check them out!

xxoo Kate

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