Lassig dining sets, bandana bibs and long sleeve bibs

My kids, especially our middle child (sorry Winnie) are so rough on our dishes. I’m not even kidding, every time we sit down to eat, something tips over, spills, or drops to the floor. I didn’t want to buy just any old plastic dishes for them so I found these! They’re made with bamboo and they don’t break when they smash on the floor, yay!

My kids love the fun patterns and have claimed their individual sets for mealtimes. Paisley gets the swans and Winter gets the whales. You can buy the individual pieces or the sets. We got a few of the sets and each one comes with a plate, bowl, cup and a spoon. I love how there is a little lip on the plates so they can’t scrape their food off of them.


We also received these adorable bibs! Olive is shown below wearing the organic cotton one and it’s reversible too! These bibs are stylish but also functional for food and/or frequent drooling.


We have these long sleeve bibs from them as well which are made from a water-repelling fabric. They’re perfect for crafting or messy eaters (Winnie)!


We love Lassig for their swimwear, diaper bags, and now we love their bibs and dining ware! Click here to check out their site and see all of the awesome products that they offer!

xxoo Kate

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