How to Stop People From Touching Your Baby

Most parents know the dreaded feeling of watching a stranger’s hands move towards your baby. Panic, fear, the awkwardness of just wanting to yell “STOP!!!” while swatting away their grubby mitts. That’s obviously not the most socially-acceptable way of dealing with things but it’s quite tempting when mama bear goes into protection mode.

I remember being paralyzed the first time a stranger at the grocery store reached her hands in to touch my preemie baby’s face. I froze… and then after it happened I was angry. “How could she?!” “How could I let her?!” I thought to myself. People usually mean well and follow up with a compliment like, “I just want to pinch her cheeks! She’s beautiful!” but it’s not okay. If you’re reading this and you touch other people’s kids without asking… JUST DON’T.

With my second daughter (also a preemie) I remember asking a family member to please not kiss her and there were some seriously hurt feelings on the other party’s end. Listen, we do what we must in order to protect our children. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and I’m sure you don’t either… but likely, we are both willing to do what we need to do to keep our little ones safe.

Before my third daughter was born I thought to myself, there has to be a better way, a way to just put it out there. I wanted to avoid the awkwardness all together but staying home 24/7 and avoiding civilazation isn’t realistic and it’s terrible for your mental health. I started to look around for ideas and that was when I found these AMAZING car seat tags!

HALLELUJAH! My prayers had been answered. A cute, non-aggressive yet bold statement. Look, admire, smile… but do. NOT. touch.

If you are expecting a little one or have a friend or family member with a new baby, this is a MUST-have in my opinion. They come in many different designs and have a few with different wording. This is the one we chose and it worked like a charm.

They can be purchased from Amazon here: Browse around and find one that works for your family. You will not be disappointed.

Also, if you’re anything like me and worry about the safety regulations, they’re CPSIA Safety Tested!

Want to take it a step further? Car seat covers with the same message can be purchased here:

xxoo Kate

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