A decade in review

2010-2012. I’m going to be honest here and say I’ve suppressed a lot of my memories from school. I wasn’t bullied or abused in any way, in fact I was “popular.” I just really didn’t like a lot of it. I remember once telling my mom “if these are the best days of my life then I’m screwed!!” Thankfully, there were better days to come. Some good things that did happen during these years were a few family trips, great times with friends, and thinking I knew what love was.


2013. I graduated high school and then enrolled in college. I was thriving in a college setting and doing great in school. I was having a blast!


2014. I left my part time job bartending and waitressing and got a part time job working at Wells Fargo as a bank teller. Towards the end of the year TJ and found out we were expecting! I got my first apartment close to school.


2015. TJ and I decided to get a different apartment closer to family. I went into labor the morning after our first night spent there (boxes still everywhere) and our baby was born! She spent a month in the NICU which was emotionally taxing. She was finally able to come home with us. TJ wasn’t getting home from work until almost midnight every night and I was working and going to school so things were quite tiresome but being a mom was the best thing ever!

2016. TJ proposed and I said yes! We got pregnant again, got married and purchased our first home! Woo, busy year!


2017. Baby #2 was born! She also had a NICU stay of 9 days but we were just in love! I left my job at our local bank to stay home with my babies and it was the best… even if I was covered in spit up every day. TJ got a new job working for a local union.

2018. We found out we were having baby #3 and our little 800 sqft house wasn’t going to hold us all comfortably so we purchased home #2… and then home #3 because we decided we wanted to keep TJ’s grandmother’s house in the family after she passed away. Not even a month after she went to be with God, little Olive was born! TJ spent his one week of “paternity leave” to moving us into her home.


2019. TJ got a vasectomy (HA)! I started schooling to get my birth doula certification and I returned to college to finish up my degree in Community Health Education. I still have one class to take this coming semester but then I’ll be done! TJ received an amazing job opportunity and jumped on it!


This past decade has been filled to the brim with firsts, excitement, devastation, anxiety, surprises, triumphs, birthdays, trips, hikes, tears, laughs and hope. I look forward to spending more quality time with this wild family of mine. Hello 2020!

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