Eco Friendly Alphabet Puzzle

My oldest daughter who just turned 5 and my middle child (age 3) and I have been working on letter sounds just recently. This puzzle really appealed to me because of the great reviews and the fact that it’s made from wood, not the common plastic which is better for the environment and my kids! The packaging was quite whimsical so I wasn’t quite sure what the inside would hold but I was so pleased when I opened it up. The quality is exceptional. This puzzle has been the perfect addition to our education at home and play. It’s perfect for learning colors, animals, letters, sounds and even spelling!

It is recycled, made from wood and free from all of the nasties! We are always happy to use earthy materials in comparison to plastic. It’s quite sad how many chemicals are in kid’s toys, but with this, you can be worry-free!

It’s great to just set out on our Montessori shelving and they can easily access it. If you practice Montessori at home or simply want your kids to learn while playing, this is the puzzle for you! I believe education and fun can go hand in hand, in fact, I believe that it should go hand in hand!

This puzzle is high quality and affordable! It even passed the swallow testing which means you don’t need to worry about choking which is always a fear of mine (intended for ages 3+). Here is my 5 year old pictured with the puzzle! The colors are so engaging, even my 1 year old was intrigued and tried to say the letter sounds. I was blown away at how great of a learning experience this puzzle provided for all of us. It opened conversation for my family and I loved answering the many questions my girls had.

I’d you’d like to snag one for yourself (which you totally should) and for an extra 25% off, click here!

xxoo Kate

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