My Daily Affirmations

This year I wanted to make a list of daily affirmations. I don’t plan to look over this list every single day but I’d love to keep it handy for the reminder when I need to regroup. This list is very much tailored to me and what I feel that I need. I really encourage you to make your own list to keep near. If you see anything from my list that speaks to you, please add it to yours!

My Affirmations

I am allowed to do what is right for me.

I can’t do everything for everyone and that’s okay.

The best gift that I can give my children is a happy mom.

I deserve to be loved.

Put in the effort to achieve what I want.

God wants me to rest.

Slow down, breathe, relax your body.

I am in control of my thoughts, not my feelings.

I am allowed to feel my feelings and then work through them.

I am confident and empowered.

We are all just trying our best.

What I have to say is of value.

I have the ability to reach others.

I have enough, I am enough.

God’s in control, I am not.

I am blessed with everything that I need.

What is something that you would add to your list right now?

xxoo Kate

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